The North Coast Courier Orphan Fund

The North Coast Courier Orphan Fund was set up with the purpose of channelling money raised to non-governmental organisations that specialise in caring for orphans and vulnerable children within the newspaper’s circulation area.

Through the Fund the community can rest assured that their donations are being appropriately used to alleviate poverty and stem the tide of the orphan crisis.

Since its launch in July 2003, the Orphan Fund has raised and distributed over R3.4 million
The Orphan Fund is registered as a non-profit organisation (Reg. No.030-070-NPO) and has been approved by the Receiver of Revenue for tax exemption. This means that donors receive a tax deduction on donations made.
Currently the five-member management committee of the Fund consists of representatives of the Anglican, Roman Catholic and United Congregational churches and the North Coast Courier.

No members of the committee are paid and administration costs are borne by the North Coast Courier newspaper.

Practising Christian Outreach Trust

Project Coordinator: Derek Olds
Contact Details: 032 946 1461
Email: [email protected]

What we do:

Practising Christian Outreach Trust collects sell-by-date food from retailers and distributes it to the hungry. We feed 50 children four days a week at Greylands RDP informal settlement (Maidstone) from the Word of Hope feeding orphans crèche. Our second project is providing food for around 280 mothers and grandparents with orphans six days a week – these people each support families that range from four to twelve members. The North Coast Courier Orphan Fund mainly provides petrol money to enable this collection and delivery of food. One tank now costs in the region of R850.00.

How you can help:

  • Fuel or funds for fuel.
  • Building materials.
  • Second hand clothing, shoes etc.
Practising.Christian.Outreach.Trust.3 (Medium)Practising.Christian.Outreach.Trust.2 (Medium)_renamed_18316Practising.Christian.Outreach.Trust.1 (Medium)

St Philips HIV/AIDS Ministry and Outreach

Project Coordinator: Mrs TB Mthethwa
Contact Details: 032-551 4884 or 083 743 3373

What we do:

St Philips HIV/AIDS Ministry and Outreach is a Shakaville church based soup kitchen every Wednesday where orphans are fed. The Orphan Fund provides funds for the food which is prepared and fed to the children by the Mothers’ Union team.

How you can help:

  • Financial or food contribution to help us increase feeding to 2 or 3 times a week.
  • We need volunteers/or a stipend to supervise homework.

st.phillip.1 (Medium)st.phillip.2 (Medium)st.phillip.3 (Medium)st.phillip.4 (Medium)

Safe Haven for Children and Elders

Project Coordinator: Brenda Hill
Contact Details: 071 673 6728
Email: [email protected]

What we do:

This is a safe-house/home for nine orphans as well as elders run by Rose Zwane in Lindelani. They also operate as a soup kitchen where approximately 45 orphans are fed meals every week. The Orphan Fund provides funds for food which is prepared and fed to the children by Rose and her team. Facilities are constantly improved and expanded on to house more children as funds become available. We also have a soup kitchen which feeds about 80 children and 20 elderly people daily. For about R35.00 per day a child can be fed.

How you can help:

  • Equipment needed to show movies (projector, white wall, dvd player) to display educational programs.
  • Bunk beds.
  • Crèche equipment for our new crèche.
  • We need funds in order to purchase the land next door to increase the number of orphans we can accommodate.

Siphiwe Maphumula (Siphiwe Soup Kitchen)

Project Coordinator: Brenda Hill
Contact Details: 071 673 6728
Email: [email protected]

What we do:

This is a soup kitchen and crèche for 26 orphans with siblings (older) run by Siphiwe Maphumula in Etete. The Orphan Fund provides funds for food which is prepared and fed to the children by Siphiwe and her team.
For R320.00 per month extra, we could feed 1 more day a week.

How you can help:

  • They would love the means to finish Siphiwe’s home.
  • Soccer equipment (boots, clothes, etc.).
  • Wooden benches, long tables, plates and spoons to make feeding easier.
  • Bunk beds and curtains.
Etete feeding scheme 01 (Medium)Siphiwe.Soup.Kitchen.1 (Medium)Siphiwe.Soup.Kitchen.2 (Medium)

Bread for Life

Project Coordinator: Sharon Foulkes-Morris
Contact Details: 032-4853618/ 032-4861369 / 074 589 1459
Email: [email protected]

What we do:

Bread for Life based at Stanger South Secondary provides sandwiches to approximately 200 high school pupils every school day. Pupils are identified who are in particular need.
The Orphan Fund provides the funds for the food, Sharon arranges for its delivery and Grades 10 and 11 makes the sandwiches.
For R2,500.00 per month we feed 200 pupils every school day.

How you can help:

  • School uniforms.
  • Desks for classrooms.
  • Christmas hampers.
  • Sporting equipment.
  • More funds in order to make more sandwiches as prices have increased.
Bread.for.Life.1 (Medium)Bread.for.Life.2 (Medium)

Summerhill Children’s Home

Project Coordinator: Paula Owen.
Contact Details: 083-6539778.
Email: [email protected]

What we do:

Summerhill Home is developing a cluster foster care facility for orphaned and vulnerable children in Etete. Many families/children in the immediate vicinity are already being helped with food and mentorship. Approximately 80 orphans lives are impacted. The Orphan Fund provides food parcels for 8 families caring for orphan children. For R5.00 per meal, 40 children are fed a hot meal every day during the holiday period.

How you can help:

  • Food, means to purchase more.
  • Art and craft materials.
  • Sports equipment.
  • Assistance with transport costs. (Medium)

Nkobongo Resource Centre

(previously called ‘Noah Nkobongo’)
Project Manager: Zamo Mngadi
Contact Details: 032-947 0810 / 032-947 0810 (free)
Email: [email protected]

What we do:

Noah is an orphan resource centre based in Nkobongo near Shakaskraal. Orphaned children registered with Noah come to the centre every day after school as well as throughout the school holidays. Lunch is provided, followed by help with homework and extra mural activities such as dance, soccer and art. Approximately 230 orphans are cared for in this way, whilst a further 100 are still at home i.e. 0-4yrs old, but on our books for care/supervision by regular house visits from our Carers. They come from child headed households or live with a gogo. The Orphan Fund’s contribution is in the form of an account at Lali Foods who deliver supplies every week. The Orphan Fund also pays for bus fare to get children to school and back.
For R100 per month 4 children are fed weekly. i.e. R100/child per month. Includes all overheads (gas/electricity /staff salaries). For R3,100 per month 25 children are taken to school and back.

How you can help:

  • Regular donations to fund food and salaries of our staff.
  • Volunteers to help educate children in computer literacy in our new computer room.
  • Electric stove/oven to be able to bake muffins for our sustainability program.
  • Volunteers to help with homework, extra curricular activities in afternoons.
  • Bookkeeper to assist in financials of this NPO.
Nkobongo Resource Centre.1 (Medium)Nkobongo Resource Centre.2 (Medium)Nkobongo Resource Centre.3 (Medium)Nkobongo Resource Centre.4 (Medium)

Usizo – KwaDukuza

Project Coordinator: Justice Robbertse
Contact Details: Cell 082-5547410.
Email: [email protected]

What we do:

Usizo – Kwadukuza is an orphan feeding scheme at Shakaville’s United Reformed Church where orphans are fed several meals a week. The Orphan Fund provides funds for the food which is prepared and fed to the children by Eunice, wife of Rev Simon, and her team.

How you can help:

  • Building material.
  • Funds for food or food itself.
  • Second hand clothing, shoes etc.

Usizo.1 (Medium)

St Vincent de Paul

Project Coordinator: Ken Deeves
Contact Details: Cell 082 873 2205
Email: [email protected]

What we do:

St Vincent de Paul runs a Care Centre in Nkobongo where they have a day clinic, a 4-bed Hospice, a safe house and a soup kitchen. This Catholic church based organisation collects sell-by-date food from supermarkets and fruit and vegetable shops which is supplemented by purchases of fresh produce. Adult widows, the indigent and orphans are fed twice weekly – every Monday and Wednesday. A hot, cooked meal is delivered five days per week to around 25 house-bound persons. The Society also distributes clothing, footwear, blankets, etc to the needy. The Orphan Fund provides supporting funds for the food which is prepared, particularly for the orphaned children.

How you can help:

  • Financial assistance is ALWAYS a priority.
  • Donate clothing/foodstuffs (dry goods)/blankets, etc.
  • Volunteer to assist – meet at the Catholic church in Townsend Road any Monday or Wednesday from 8 am to 10 am.
Project Coordinator: Ken Deeves
Contact Details: Cell 082 873 2205
St.Vincent.d.Paul.3 (Medium)St.Vincent.d.Paul.1 (Medium)St.Vincent.d.Paul.2 (Medium)

Smile With Us Community Centre

Project Coordinator: Mervin Veerasamy
Contact Details: 072 741 1239

What we do:

At Frasers, a small, desperatly poor community between Ballito and Tongaat, you will find Smile With Us that has been operating for eight years.

In the informal settlement of dilapidated shacks the majority of the community are unemployed.

Smile With Us care for about 80 orphans, 120 vulnerable children and 50 senior citizens by providing breakfast and lunch from Monday to Friday.


How you can help:

  • They are in desperate need of a vehicle
  • Food parcels
  • Second hand clothing

The children from Smile With Us, with project coordinator Mervin Veerasamy (top left) at the North Coast Courier Orphan Fund Christmas party.


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