Letter: Beware of jamming

I suggest that shoppers be very vigilant, particularly at this time of year.

Letter: Music is unreasonably loud

The municipality told me long ago that in order to have a live band playing in a restaurant the owners must soundproof the place.

Letter: Traffic must slow down

Having the entire route declared a 60km/hour speed limit will only add seconds onto journeys rather than waiting for a very serious accident to happen.

Letter: Disgraceful treatment

Nedbank, you are a disgrace. Your arrogance, greed and insensitivity to the poor whose money you so readily accept are all too evident.

Letter: N2 action is needed

If we could prevent any further loss of life, this would be appreciated.

Letter: Aquaplaning on N2

I witnessed a vehicle lose control and land up on the south bound lane, hitting a vehicle head on.