Angling Report

Water flowing into the sea would mean more dirty water and pollution and the fish will seek areas that they can find clean water.

Restaurant review: Bourbon Hub

Going through the menu I was very excited to see snack baskets, they have always been a firm favorite of mine.

Relevant Reflections

The art of relevant reflection is a skill we need to acquire. The easiest fall back pattern is to look at what didn’t work and then find someone to blame for this and then ‘hope’ that next year will be easier on you.

Letter: DOCRRA – much needs to be done

DOCRRA is still pursuing a clear explanation and justification from KwaDukuza Municipality regarding the proposed parking charges.

Letter: No Standard Bank ATM

I am sure I speak for many when I say not having a Standard Bank ATM is very inconvenient.

Letter: Wonderful Telkom rep

Penny was so helpful with a friendly manner and sorted out our issues very quickly and efficiently.

Letter: Thank you God!

I now understand how prayer works. So glad that God could help this old middle-class woman.

Letter: There are still angels!

To the angel who made my week, our paths most likely won’t ever cross, but for what you spontaneously did for a girl you didn’t know – God bless!