The Groutville school of holes

Holes in the floor are covered with old chalkboards to stop children falling through and injuring themselves.

Wet relief for rural school

“A fresh supply of clean drinking water will enhance learning capacity and reduce the risk of disease outbreaks in the community”

Leaders on the chessboard

Datharam has mastered the chess board for a couple of years now and achieved South African Chess colours at the tender age of seven.

Cheesecake queen takes cooking throne

The annual cook-off involved the youngsters preparing a recipe that they had submitted as their competition entry, as well as a mystery dish

Corporal punishment still exist in schools

The Courier spoke with several teachers from different schools around Ilembe who said they had a serious problem because pupils seemed to be in power in class, especially in high schools

A safe haven for learning in Tongaat

Boasting a homework centre, computer centre and reading room, TCW provides multiple opportunities for educational stimulation to children residing in and around Tongaat

Finding your Zulu roots

The school trip gave the pupils a chance to experience the rich African culture and learn about the history of the Zulu people

A journey to success

Having a driver’s licence is one of the essential requirements in most job applications, but a luxury that few from vulnerable communities can afford.