Five tips to keep your aircon healthy this summer

The heat is back and the humidity is on which means our trusty aircons are working overtime again to make sure we are summer lovin’, not summer meltin’.

To make sure your cooling companion keeps up the good work through summer, Air-Elec’s Glen Swanepoel gave some tips for a healthy, happy aircon.

1. Maintenance is key

Swanepoel said the most common problem is lack of maintenance.

“An aircon is like a kidney – you do not know there is a problem until there is one. This is why regular servicing is paramount,” said Swanepoel.

He said a domestic aircon should be serviced annually, while a commercial aircon needs to be maintained every six months.

2. Coastal protection

Swanepoel said you can almost triple your aircon’s lifespan if you do the following:

  • Spray down your outdoor unit with a hosepipe as often as possible to wash off the salt.
  • Try install the outside unit around the corner of your house to prevent it from getting direct sea spray if you live close to the beach.
  • Protect your unit with a rust treatment. “We apply a coast coat, which is an aluminium coating, to reduce the corrosion factor.”
  • If you have a holiday home on the coast, get a weather cover for your outdoor unit. “If you do not follow these steps and do not maintain your aircon regularly, you might get about 18 months out of it. Follow the steps, maintain regularly and you are looking at about five years.”

Glen Swanepoel’s top tip for your aircon is to
service is regularly

3 Sweeter dreams on auto

Sleeping with the aircon on is basically a necessity, but waking up in the middle of the night from the noise is not ideal.

This is where the auto mode works miracles.

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“The auto setting is designed for a bedroom environment, as it sets the fan speed to auto and as the heat load comes down to your set room temperature, so the machine will go to medium and low, making it quieter, while keeping you cool.

MYTH: Putting your aircon on auto does not save electricity.

4. Don’t be cheap

“Living on the coast, you cannot get away with cheap products. Invest a little more and it will go a long way.”

Make sure you buy a reputable brand name, ask if the outdoor unit is powder coated and find out about the warranty back up.

5. Beware of bacteria

“Aircons are always damp on the inside, as it drains the water out of the air, which makes it the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. This bacteria eventually clogs the little drains inside the aircon, which causes the indoor unit to drip water.”

When your machine is serviced, they also wash the indoor unit with a hydrochloric based chemical, which is the only way to kill the bacteria.

“If you do not clear out this bacteria regularly, the spores get into the air you breath in and can cause chest problems.”

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Elana Geist

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