WATCH VIDEO: Whoonga addicts get high in central Stanger

A screengrab from the video shows addicts lighting up in public.

In a shocking video posted on Facebook recently dozens of whoonga users are seen brazenly lighting up in the middle of KwaDukuza (Stanger) town earlier this month.

Apparently, this was filmed behind the shelters close to Shoprite.

The author of the video – who asked not to be named in the article – said this was a common sight in KwaDukuza, where addicts have no hesitation in getting high out in public.

“They are there everyday and nobody does anything about it,” he said.

Rinesh Bikhari, a Stanger local, told The Courier he was seriously concerned by how rapidly drug abuse has increased in a small town like KwaDukuza.

“How is it that law enforcement is unable to clear the source of the drugs?” he said.

Bikhari said he had had quite a scare after parking across from the King Shaka monument in town.

“A Nigerian man freely approached me and asked if I was looking for some drugs. Out of fear I jumped back in my car and drove off.

He said these dealers are not afraid to peddle their product in the open.

At the time of publication The Courier was unable to reach KwaDukuza SAPS spokesperson Johannes Khoza for comment.

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Whoonga (or nyaope) is a relatively new drug that has swept across South Africa.

It is particularly destructive in rural and low income areas and is a bigger problem in KZN than anywhere else in the country.

The drug is a concoction of various things such as rat poison, soap powder, Anti Retro-Viral medications (AIDS meds) and just about anything else the makers can toss into the mix.

The finished product is then rolled with weed and smoked.

The effects of the drug typically wear off between six and 24 hours after being taken.

Afterwards the user may experience several unpleasant side effects such as agonizing stomach cramps, back ache, sweating, chills, anxiety, restlessness, depression, nausea and diarrhea – driving them back for another hit.

WATCH: In a shocking video whoonga addicts are seen casually smoking in public.

Our Town has became the whoonga kraal, this video was taken today by Shopryt shelters next to the containers, these young stars r enjoying themselves, whoonga smoke free zone

Posted by Zikode Zwane on Saturday, 2 September 2017


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