SA comedian hits Durban shores with his one man show

One of Cape Town's favourite comedians, Dalin Oliver.

One of Cape Town’s favourite comedians, Dalin Oliver, is set to hit Durban shores in October with his much anticipated one man show, Face For Radio.

Written and performed by Dalin, Face For Radio is directed by SA Comedy favourite, Stuart Taylor and the show stages at Durban’s Seabrooke’s Theatre from 6 to 7 October at 8pm.

Dalin’s been racking up the laughs and garnering rave reviews all over the country with successful stints at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth.

You might also recognise him from his big screen debut where he played one of the lead roles in the SA action comedy Finders Keepers that released in cinemas nationwide in August.

Face For Radio, which has Stuart Taylor back in the director’s chair, sees Dalin confessing about his struggles to adapt to the concept of “adulting” – 10 years after matriculating. No one “warned him about it”, says Dalin.

“My Life Orientation teacher at school forgot to tell me that I’d have to pay tax, parallel park in on-common traffic and that data would be this expensive,” he admits.

Dalin shares that the new comedy show will see a different and more mature side to the comedians dose of comedy – something which his audiences haven’t experienced yet in 2016.

“One day while playing PokemonGo, I realised it was time to grow up. (Actually, my mom told me that if I don’t get off my phone and clean my room, I’ll never find a girlfriend.) This was the wake-up call I needed to get my act together,” he admits.

“Since my last show on stage my friendships and relationships have changed. My friends are getting married and going to Builders Express on weekends while I’m figuring out that Tinder is not that beneficial when you are staying at home with your parents.”

So what can Durban audiences expect from the new comedy show?

“It’s simple. Pop around to hear his stories. If you don’t, he’ll only have family members attending and they would want complimentary tickets. We don’t want that now do we?”

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