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Skin needling is a procedure that induces collagen growth and improves atrophic (depressed) acne scarring.

With a month left of winter I thought it only fitting to see how I look in my bikini!

Apart from being so pale I could almost be transparent, I noticed a couple of Chai Lattes (my latest fetish) parking off on my lower body.

Yip, August is the time we all start to think about getting back to a fitter, healthier lifestyle as our clothes not only get less but also get more revealing towards summer.

This year, I’m trying something new.

The Firm

I popped into The Firm at Simbithi Office Park to try out EMS (Electrotherapy Muscle Stimulation).

EMS equipment transmits impulses deep into the muscles, not painful at all, mimicking natural muscle movement experienced during a workout. And all I have to do is lie there? I decide to use the time to catch up on emails (working mom multitasking to the max).

Owner Sarah Vernon started me off with a weighin and measure (my choice).

Sarah can make anyone feel at ease with her warm personality and before I knew it I was happily in my underwear on the salon bed, where Sarah began to ‘strap’ me in and place all the EMS pads in place.

I considered sleeping while my body has a full 45 minute workout on its own.

EMS is beneficial to all muscle groups and is commonly used to firm and tone the stomach, thighs, knees, buttocks and arms. I quickly noticed (two weeks into my EMS schedule) leg definition and I was sold.

My reason for trying The Firm was to tone, firm and shape. Sarah suggested two 45 minute sessions per week. I was also given the Blue Lifestyle diet, which was a good ‘sounding board’ for me to check my eating habits against every now and then. Many ladies go for weight loss and are put on a silver diet together with some wellness products on offer.

They also have weight loss challenges up to three times per year, which is a nice discipline to get you going.

The next challenge is due in November, just in time to look good for the holidays. The added bonus for me was that the treatments include infrared therapy cellulite treatment.

Infrared therapy is particularly therapeutic for individuals with weak backs, painful joints and bad posture.

  • Stand out: The treatments are not only designed for overweight people, but are also well suited to those who are unable to exercise due to medical reasons or busy schedules. The program can be used by sportsmen and women to enhance their regular training. The Firm Ballito’s rooms are wellappointed, hygienic, peaceful and private. Staff are excellent with people.
  • Price: Starting from R700 per month.
  • Recommended: Yes, but you should take the weekly weigh-in option and measure as many times as you can even if you are only toning.

Laurette Batstone.

La Melle Dermaroller (Microneedling)

Facial scars – this was the next problem area on my list that I happily took to Adele Crammer from Kuza Wellness.

Skin needling is a procedure that involves puncturing the skin multiple times with small needles attached to a cylindrical roller (Dermaroller) to induce collagen growth and improve atrophic (depressed) acne scarring.

So there is no way for me to beat around the bush here, it is painful but it is manageable and it is quick.

However, due to the numbing gel Adele applies your skin before the treatment (you need to set an hour aside for this but you get a free pedicure while you wait) you can hardly feel the needles, only the pressure of the roller.

Once the Emla numbing gel wears out – long after the treatment is done – only then does your face start to feel quite sensitive. Do not plan any further events for the day, as you will see from my photo, you will not look presentable for the rest of the day.

Try to remain in a clean environment, no dust and no makeup until the next day. I did two days without makeup.

See my morning after photo that I took as I woke up and before even washing my face! My skin felt amazing and I loved the plumpness that I could see already. Seven days later I can feel my skin needs a good exfoliate to get rid of old skin, ready to shine in the new skin.

I am in love with this treatment!

  • Stand Out: I cannot praise Adele enough. So professional and so careful. What a blessing to have her in Ballito.
  • Price: R1300 for your roller (lasts 8 sessions) and R650 per session.
  • Recommended: If you can handle it, most definitely. Adele has other alternatives for scarring that are also worth investigating.
Laurette Batstone

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