Angling Report

The weather was cold at first light for much of last week, with light to moderate south westerly winds that were fresh at times.

On Thursday the southerly winds brought cloud with them and with the cloud came some light rain.

The weather and sea conditions were not ideal for angling offshore but that changed as the weekend drew near.

On Monday morning the water was discolored from the bad weather of the week before but the southerly winds of last week soon cleaned it up and by the middle of the week, the sea was nice and clean again.

Unfortunately the windy weather created unfavorable fishing conditions from the beaches as there was a south to north current running and quite a big surf during the high tide period. The cold front took a while to pass through but did not create any problems though by the weekend, the weather turned fine again and anglers were out early in the mornings looking for that elusive big shad.

At the end of last week, the largest shad to be weighed in for the August big shad competition hosted by Kingfisher Sports weighed in at just 600 grams and this shows just how tough the fishing has been.

Friends of mine living up north have said that there have been a few decent sized daga salmon caught at the Tugela mouth, mostly from the late afternoon and into the evening periods. The guys said the fishing conditions have not always been great because of the wind but when the sea is right, normally a couple of nice fish are caught.

A few decent sized garrick have also been caught there by anglers using live baits but several baits put out to sea for the garrick have been nailed by big sharks and the anglers traces have been bitten off after a short fight. At first light a couple of nice sized shad had been caught so it seems as though the Tugela mouth is the place to cast a line at present.

The local angling beaches have been quiet this last week and I saw very few anglers trying their luck.

The anglers that are fishing are mainly doing so among the rocks where I have seen just a few small fish being caught. I had a look at Westbrook beach the other morning and saw there was a group of half a dozen anglers fishing the north side of the beach near the rocks.

I saw just a few small blacktail caught and one angler pulled a decent sized fish which looked like a shad but in fact was a mullet of just over a kilo in weight.

I was also in the Durban North area last week so I called in at Virginia beach where there were just a handful of guys with lines in the water.

I watched for a while but saw nothing caught. A local angler said the fishing had been quiet for a while with just a few small fish being caught at times and a few small sharks later in the afternoons.

The news from Umhlanga was pretty similar so the Durban anglers are having a bit of a lean time. Apparently a couple of small shad are caught every now and then at Eastmore in Umhlanga but there are more baits in the water than there are fish.

There was not much news from the offshore anglers this week as fishing conditions were not all that great. I was told that when conditions allow, anglers have been catching some geelbek salmon along with a few dagas and some decent reef fish as well.

When the surf conditions have been okay the backline anglers have managed to boat a few garrick and a couple of big queenfish as well close in.

This last week, nobody fished the backline in the Umhlanga area as it was deemed to be too dicey with the unpredictable surf conditions. I was told that the anglers would be out in force during the weekend as long as the weather allows.


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