10 things you should have remembered to pack before you went fishing

Fishing is a popular sport on the Dolphin Coast.

Let’s start off by assuming you were smart enough to pack extra line, hooks, sinkers, floaters etc. before you headed out.

What are some of the other things you should be bringing along to make your fishing excursion that much easier – and ensure you have a good time?

1. A good pair of pliers

Whether you are a veteran or just finding you fishing feet, one thing you will sorely miss if you forget it is a good pair of pliers. This simple tool can cut braid or monofilament line, remove a hook from a fish (or for that matter from your hands), crush barbs, help in tying knots, and more.

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When buying a pair of pliers for your fishing needs, make sure you do not skimp on quality – choose a pair made out of a corrosion resistant material like titanium, stainless steel or aluminum. A lanyard attached to your pliers may also be a good idea, lest you end up sacrificing them to the bottom of the sea.

Do not leave your pliers behind when you go fishing!

2. Dehooker

When the fishing is fast and furious, it can be a little tricky to release fish without harming them. A dehooker allows you to safely and cleanly release a fish without even bringing the fish in the boat, saving you time and helping to ensure the fish is in good condition when released.

The ARC Dehooker is one of the more popular models, currently going for a little over R200 on Amazon.

A dehooker is a useful tool for releasing fish. Image: Amazon.

3. First aid kit

Seriously, if it never crossed your mind to bring a first aid kit along then I do not want to go fishing with you. A proper kit could very well save your trip if one of your buddies gets hurt (inevitably). Make sure your kit is fully stocked with the usual things – do not forget headache and seasickness pills – and be sure to store your first aid kit somewhere where it will not get wet and ruined.

Make sure to take a fully stocked first aid kit along.

4. Nail clippers

You laugh – but nail clippers are probably the best way to cut a line when you have a snag that you cannot get out and you have no other option. Not to mention the fact that you will not slice off one of your fingers while cutting a line with a knife and, just as a bonus, you will have lovely, neat nails when you get home.

Take my word for it – nail clippers can be very useful when fishing.

6. Sunscreen and insect repellent

Nothing will ruin a day of fishing as much as getting home burnt red like a lobster – or covered in bug bites for that matter. Make sure you do not forget these simple but necessary things, lest your fun day of fishing lead to a terrible night of inflamed, painful or itchy skin.

Sunburn and bug bites are not fun.

7. Scale

Do not come to me and brag about the amazing fish you caught that weighed 40kg unless you can show me pictures with a scale. Nowadays there are even nifty digital scales such as the Rapala Mini Digital Scale.

A digital scale is a useful tool for weighing your catch. Photo: Amazon.

8. Gloves

Cuts, bites and hooks through the finger are almost unavoidable when on a fishing excursion. However, a nice pair of thick protective gloves will make that a thing of the past.

Whether you are fighting with a fish you just reeled in or trying to pry a hook out of another fish’s mouth (or out of yourself), you want to protect yourself from the bites, cuts, scrapes, scratches etc. that could easily become infected.

A handy set of gloves to keep your hands whole. Image: BassPro.com.

9. Elastic bands

Here is one that will not commonly cross your mind. Elastic bands can be used for coiling up leaders, setting up flatlines, rigging baits like ballyhoo, setting an outrigger line, or simply adding weight to a rig.

One of the most versatile tools to bring along when fishing.


10. Fishing license

It is easy to forget this when you are busy worrying about all the other little odds and ends you need for fishing – but leaving it behind could land you in hot water. Remember to stick to bag limits and size constraints and – for the love of landing the big one – take your license along to avoid trouble.

There are so many things to take along that it is easy to forget your license.


Allan Troskie

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