Meet Mickey Burns

Mickey Burns will be performing at The Litchi Orchard Night Market tonight, so get your blankets and friends together and enjoy the show.

While enjoying your bowl of steaming Crazy Korean goodness under the Dolphin Coast winter sky, the cool guys from Mickey Burns will be entertaining you with some outdoor live music at The Litchi Orchard Night Market in Salt Rock tonight.

Get to know the four band members with the quick Q&A below:

Who makes up the band and how would you describe yourselves in three words?

Jonas: Ok so Mickey Burns is made up of four Durban boys: the Kenrick brothers Jude (drums) and Joel (guitar); Trav Nel on bass and me Jonas Barausse on vocals.  In three words I’d say: Indie bounce-core.

Joel: Energetic and soulful with a sprinkle of mathrock.

Trav: It is now. I’d say energy/ bounce/ feeling.

Jude: Explosions/ energy/ ozzy Man

Tell me about the evolution of Mickey Burns…What inspired the name and how long have you guys been jamming?

Trav: Mickey Burns has been around for about three years, but the current band members have been together for about one year with the Kenrick brothers joining Jo and I towards the beginning of 2016. We got the name from this insane documentary called “The Greatest Raid of All Time” narrated by Jeremy Clarkson.

Basically the story of how the British Commandos were formed and their first mission. There was one character that stood out to us –  Michael Clive “Micky” Burn. We changed the name as a small token of respect, but in essence it all stemmed from this story of brotherhood and sense of “us against the world”. Guess it struck a nerve.

Which was your best performance so far and why?

Jonas: For me it was the first time we did this acoustic set that we will be playing at the The Litchi Orchard. Musically, we are a lot more exposed and there is something incredibly intimate about an acoustic set, especially when you’re used to a louder, more high powered electric offering.

Who is your favourite music artist?

Jude: Daft Punk.

Trav: Easy Biffy Clyro.

Jonas: Recently I cant get enough of a band called Rainbow Kitten Surprise.

Joel:  Rage Against the Machine.

What do you do to pay your rent?

Jude: I’m busy completing my honours in music and I teach drumming and work as a session drummer.

Trav:  I own a sound company called Audea Productions which is a film/studio based sound company.

Jonas: I am a partner in an entrepreneurial development company called Big Box Co.

Joel:  I own a little locksmith and shoe repair shop.

Complete the sentence:

Trav, the best way to chill after a stressful day is… with a cup of tea.

Jonas, beer… makes you fat but tastes damn good.

Music is…  Genghis khan Mickey Burns.mp4

Jude, nobody knows that… I want to play the saxophone.

The deets about The Litchi Orchard Night Market:

The fun begins at 5pm until 10pm tonight.

Entry costs R30 per adult, R20 for the little folk under 12 and under fives enter for free.

Elana Geist

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