DIY bridal bloom tips to suit your budget

Check out these tips on how to get that million dollar look without blowing your flower budget. Photo: Pinterest

As if it is not bad enough that you watch your friends and family eat your money at a wedding, you then also have to see it wilt away the next day.

Yes, those beautiful blooms make a wedding venue, but grief they burn a hole into your bank account.

Cindy Rynhoud from Love Laugh at The Litchi Orchard said she sees lots of “DIY brides” and loves helping them find their fund-friendly, floral fantasy.

“I am proud of brides who want to do flowers themselves, but just a word of warming: keep it simple because it will be stressful,” said Rynhoud, who has done doses of bouquets, floral table runners and leafy draping from all heights.

“The only flowers I recommend getting done professionally are the bouquets and the groom’s flower pin.”

Below are some guidelines to your budget-friendly, blooming bliss:

Less is more

Going green down the middle with some candles scattered in between is a minimalist look to fall in love with. Photo: Stehlik Photography

Minimalist is trending, so think touches of green with just a few flowers here and there to add a pop of colour.  In fact, candles are more in at the moment than lots of flowers, so scatter candles in votives, lanterns or just on their own around the tables for that romantic look.

Waste not, want not

Create a simply beautiful table with some herbs in pots and put a sprig of rosemary or the like on the plates to tie it all in nicely. Photo:

Placing herbs in terracotta pots with a little raffia tied around it on the tables instead of traditional flowers is a fresh, affordable trend and you can double up your decor as favours for your guests afterwards. Win, win!

Go green

Aloes are all the rage as well as ferns and they look stunning in pots with a fabric ribbon tied around it for some colour. This look will be particularly striking at more rustic weddings in barns or outdoors.

Keep it long

Let the pennygum drape off the ends of a rectangular table for an opulent, flowing look that will dress the ends of your table nicely. Photo: Love Laugh

Square or rectangular tables are trending, which is ideal for long runners made up of greenery. You can either lay the greenery (pennygym is very popular and at R30 a bunch, it won’t break the bank) directly on the table or use oasis. If you want to add some colour, you can dye the pennygum.

TIP: Going the oasis route is more labour intensive and expensive, so if you have overspent on your dress, save money by leaving out the oasis.

Lose the frills

Dress up your own glass bottles and glasses with some rose gold leaf. Photo: Love Laugh

If you love roses and lace with gran’s antiques in between, hey it is your day, but the look everyone is talking about is to have lots of natural elements and tones such as wood or slate coupled with some antique gold or rose gold here and there for a touch of romance.


Elana Geist

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