Embracing change at Ballito Lifestyle Centre

The change to the retail landscape on the Dolphin Coast has resulted in massive change for Ballito Lifestyle Centre.

The team has embraced the change and are working furiously to bring a new and improved shopping experience to Ballito.

Construction is underway and the new-look centre is finally taking shape.

With big brands such as Dischem, Baby City, Sportsmans Warehouse and Toy Zone opening their doors in the coming months, and the completion of the restaurant node and artisan food market at the end of the year, the centre is hard at work.

Owner Bruce Rencken, who has been at the forefront of the centre’s major revamp, shares the five lessons the team has learned along the way.

1. Acknowledge change

Be aware that change can happen in your life.

This means understanding that things can and will be different from how they are now.

“Once we acknowledged that the change was inevitable and understood the magnitude of it, we realised that we needed to embrace it and to focus our energy on moving forward – and quickly!” said Rencken.

Lifestyle Centre owner shares his tips on embracing change.

2. Accept change

Instead of resisting, allow change to unfold and try to understand what’s transforming and why.

Circumstances will not always turn out the way you want them to, and it’s perfectly alright. Embracing the situation can help you deal with the change effectively, make the necessary shifts in your mind and your life, and help you move forward after the event.

As Rencken says, “When you accept the change, and the challenge, you can start making the necessary plans and taking the right decisions to deal with it.

“Sometimes it would be great if the status quo remained and life carried on as usual, but once there is disruption and the changes start to happen, it can actually be quite exciting.

“The disruption shifts the way you think and accepting the change allows you to approach the new challenges more creatively and effectively.”

Ballito Lifestyle Centre – Virtual Tour

Renovation is well and truly underway at Lifestyle Centre and here's a sneak peek into the exciting plans for our new offering. We invite you to enjoy our virtual tour with co-owner and developer, Bruce Rencken…

Posted by Lifestyle Centre Ballito on Wednesday, 17 May 2017

3. Learn from the experience

If you accept and embrace change, you will start looking for and finding lessons in it. When you reflect back and finally accepted the changes, the lessons you start absorbing are profound.

“Our challenge was to understand our role in the new retail landscape of Ballito, what we could do that is unique and different, and to understand what would excite our customers who embrace life ‘the Ballito way’,” said Rencken.

“We used the change to go back to our beginnings, when Ballito was small and Lifestyle Centre was your ‘local’.

“We confirmed what is important to our customers, being convenience, simplicity, customer experience, “outdoor” environment, ambience, great food and beautiful spaces, and we are delivering this to Ballito in the coming months.”

4. Recognise you’re growing stronger

When you accept, embrace, and learn from change, you inevitably grow stronger.

The ability to continuously accept change allows you to become as solid as a rock in the midst of violent storms all around you—even if you feel afraid.

“There will always be the inevitable doubt that creeps in, as you deal with change,” said Rencken.

“Am I making the right decision? Are we investing in the right places? Is this really what our customers are looking for?

“It’s been fantastic to confirm through interaction with customers and through social media that Ballito is excited about our reaction to the change, and that we are on the right track.

“Hopefully Ballito Lifestyle Centre will emerge stronger for it!”

Artist’s impressions of the new family fine-dining node.

5. Embrace the wisdom

The more you permit change in your life, the more you grew as a person.

When you proactively embrace change and learn to accept it as a part of life, you are filled with more calmness, peace, and courage.

When life fails to shake you up with its twists and turns, you realise that changes can’t break you.

“That’s the theory!” said Rencken.  “This piece of the story is still to be written!”

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