Internet security at home – avoid being an online victim

Viruses, phishing, malware and ransomware are some of the new words and terms that we have had to come to terms with as computers and digital devices play a larger role in our lives.

In May this year, the WannaCry ransomware attack hit the Internet.

This is the type of malicious software that threatens to publish the victim’s data or perpetually block access to it unless a ransom is paid.

Within 48 hours, the attack had affected companies and government department across the globe, and it is estimated that one in ten organisations in the USA were affected.

“We were not immune in South Africa and even sophisticated, IT-savvy companies such as Telkom were impacted and their customer service platforms crippled,” said Tim Parle, managing director of Durban-based Internet and digital solutions company Mitsol.

“Moreover, research opinion is that 2017 will be worst in every aspect of information security, and that – as the song goes – we ain’t seen nothing yet!”

Tim Parle of Mitsol

So this begs the question as to what we can we do in our personal capacities to shield against these looming threats?

  • Firstly, it can no longer be assumed that since you are using an Apple device that you are immune to these ‘Windows only’ problems. Indeed Microsoft Windows, iOS (Apple), and even Android devices are now the targets of these dark forces. This means that we all have to take some responsibility for our Internet security.
  • Secondly it is vital to ensure that your devices are using the latest official releases of operating system software using, for example, Windows Update to get the current software which includes the ‘patches’ to repair vulnerabilities.
  • Thirdly, it is thoroughly recommended to use a quality suite of security products and to ensure that these are up-to-date. A decent package from Mitsol will operate silently and efficiently in the background and does much more than detecting viruses.

Integrated functions will include anti-phishing, password management, checking your home WiFi router’s security and even automatically turning off your webcam while banking. All of this will allow you to surf, bank and pay more safely online.

Overall it is wise to take a professional approach to your personal Internet security.

To find out more or to view available packages on offer from Mitsol, visit their website or contact them on 031 566 2451 or email [email protected].

Tim Parle, managing director of Mitsol

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