Education is the future at Nkobongo Resource Centre

Zamo Mngadi with her friends at the Nkobongo Resource Centre.

The passionate and dedicated project manager of the Nkobongo Resource Centre, Zamo Mngadi, is now a qualified social worker.

Mngadi has been working with underprivileged children at the centre, previously known as Noah, since 2004, while studying part-time for the past six years at the University of South Africa.

Her studies have been sponsored in part by the Nkobongo Resource Centre with the plan that she would one day be able to fulfill the dire need for a social worker in the township.

“There are so many people who come to me whenever they need help and some even called me a social worker. I realised that I must get a qualification for the work that I am in a way already doing,” said Mngadi.

She also carries a diploma in project management from UniSchool Computer and Business College and a computer certificate from Coastal College.

The caring mother of three of her own children has become a mother figure to countless others.

“When working with children, you must know that they can depend on you. It is very important to be honest with them and to be their friend.”

She said sexual abuse was one of the most common evil that is dealt out to these vulnerable kids.

“Pay attention to what they do and listen to their stories. That is how you will pick up if some thing is not right.”

Zamo Mngadi is now a qualified social worker.

Mngadi said her biggest worry about the future of Nkobongo was that the children were not taking their education seriously.

“Even if you organise extra classes for them, very few will show up for those classes, yet they are struggling in school.

“Most of the children are going to school for the sake of getting to Matric, that is all. They have no plan for the future after that.

“She believes that a culture of education could be installed by those who overcome poverty and are now educated and successful.

“There are so many educated and successful people from the township, but they move away and the children are left with no role models. If they would only build nice houses and stay here the children would see the fruit of being educated and be motivated to do well in school,” she said.

Mngadi thanked the Nkobongo Resource Centre for allowing her to further her studies and support her financially.

“I was given time to attend workshops and when I was doing my fourth year, I had to be away for seven months to do my practicals. No normal employer could bear with that. So I am very grateful,” said Mngadi.

Peter Hodsdon from Nkobongo Resource Centre described Mngadi as an amazing and very hands-on person.

“She is able to work with children and do the paper work for us. With her being a qualified social worker, it will give us a much stronger presence in the community,” said Hodsdon.

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