Beauty review: Scissor Sisters Ballito

Scissor Sisters salon in Ballito.

Like most women, I have had highlights done a couple of times in my life, then opted for ‘at home’ hair colour, then back to the salon to try get ‘miracle’ work done to the impossible: black hair to blonde streaks then wanting red hair and then back home a few weeks or months later with box colour again… The amount of pressure we put on our hairdressers to perform is huge.

That was me at this weeks review of Scissor Sisters in Ballito.

At 33 years of age, all of the above had happened at least three times over in my ‘hair-life’. So I was not exactly bringing ‘virgin hair’ to the party.

Before Mrs SA I was blonde. During my reign as Mrs SA I was almost black with plenty of extensions in-out-in-out of my hair over three years and then at Mrs World I was going for the mahogany tones.

Through all this, I never wanted to lose length, so cutting it to be healthy was never an option for me.

My stylist at Scissor Sisters was Ria Cunningham, who was very aware of my high expectations but simply rose up to the challenge with a smile. I wanted my then pitch black hair, a lovely light brown with blonde streaks.

We booked my first appointment to lift the colour and the colour tone session two days later, which gave time for my colour to settle.

Laurette Batstone.

Both sessions took a good couple of hours but I enjoyed every minute (the frothy, cinnamon dusted cappuccinos with marshmallows and jugs of lemon and mint water on tap certainly helped). Ria recommended Olaplex as the perfect in-salon treatment during the procedure to keep my hair healthy while avoiding losing length.

The amount of peroxide required to lighten my hair is scary! Olaplex is the only product that has apparently been proven to restore damaged hair and protect it from harm caused by all types of chemical processes.

Olaplex No. 1 and No. 2 are done at the salon and then No. 3 is available for at home use.

Personally I am delighted with the results of the salon application so I didn’t feel it necessary to take the home plan. Now my hair is exactly like the Pinterest photo I took with me to the salon and I am oh so impressed!

It’s taken me one week to go from black to light brown and my hair condition is better than ever.

Stand outs: The salon assistants are extremely friendly and eager to please. The salon owner Lauren Johnson checks in on all clients and personally delivers you a cup of coffee.

Products and services are reasonably priced.

The Salon is clean, light and airy with products tastefully on display for you to have a look without a front desk person staring you down.

Recommended? Definitely! And I’d like to add that Ria impressed me with her skill at cutting layers into my hair.

Price: More affordable than I thought.

Going from black to light brown with blond in between cost in the range from R800 to around R1500 depending on how long your hair is and what products you want to take home/ use.

The only maintenance required for my new hair colour is the roots for a touch-up around every six to eight weeks or so from R630. Opalex is R350 for the No. 1 and No. 2 treatment first time around.

Then only R150 for No. 2 as your ‘top up’ treatment. Blow-drys start from R165.

Product of the week

Product: Quick Grow

Finally, a real solution to grow your hair fast.

Quick Grow is an amino product range, that claims to be scientifically formulated to supplement your body with a precise blend of amino’s, minerals and vitamins that in turn train the body to produce keratin faster.

You need to wash your hair at least every 2/3 days and take two capsules daily with a meal.

If you don’t take the capsules, you need to wash your hair everyday so the product can keep making contact with your hair.

This is for hair growth only and unfortunately not hair thickness.

I love the apple smell of the shampoo and conditioner and found myself talking about it most days at the office, especially the growth I had achieved in the last four weeks already; nearly 2cm so far.

The question I was most often asked was: Does it affect ALL the hair on the body and face (hint hint)?

The quick answer is no.

Quick Grow contains no hormones or any substrates that affect or are linked to vellus hair (fine short modulated hairs covering much of the body surface).

The second type of hair is known as terminal hair; thin long strands that grow in length and are found on your head and under arms, legs and pubic area.

Quick Grow affects the speed of growth of these hairs only, but does not increase hair density.

Price: For the shampoo, conditioner and advanced amino capsules – R820.

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Laurette Batstone

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