How to choose your perfect wedding dress

Find inspiration in trends, but follow your own style when you choose your wedding dress. Photo: Julia Ferrandi Design

When you Google “wedding dress trends”, a whole new world of shades of whites are unleashed ranging from big and poofy, fitted and blingy, long, short, low backs, high necklines, tulle, lace, boho, you name it. So, how do you choose?

Ballito wedding dress designer, Julia Ferrandi said brides are more informed than ever before, but that this can hinder rather then help when it comes to making a decision.

“We have access to blogs, Pinterest and incredible bridal magazines – but all of this info can be quite overwhelming! My advice is to acknowledge the trends, but don’t necessarily follow them,” said Ferrandi, who is married and knows all about the peer pressure that brides face.

Here are her top tips when deciding on what to wear on your wedding day:

1.Less is more (promise)

Low v’s are very trendy and look stunning when done elegantly.

The trend is to go back to basics. people are always so surprised by how stunning simplicity can be. It is timeless.

Your wedding will (hopefully) be a once-off event, so you want to have a timeless dress that you can look back on and still love instead of covering your face in disgrace because you followed a crazy trend back then.

Low, plunging v’s, for example, are very in at the moment, but there is a very fine line between between sexy and, well, not. While a low v is beautiful, make sure you keep that subtle sexyness on your wedding day.

2. Follow your style

Photobooth props, scrabble blocks, lemonade with paper straws is all cute, but so overdone. Photo:

There is a lot of pressure to have the ultimate wedding and looking at other peoples’ weddings can make you feel snookered into buying everything – it basically becomes a Pinterest competition.

People get caught up in being trendy, when it is supposed to be about you, your style (and your groom, let’s not forget him) and you should let that shine through to personalise your special day instead of just copy and pasting another hipster wedding from the internet.

3. It’s not just about the dress

Avoid that awkward feeling of being overdressed at your own wedding by choosing a dress that works with your overall theme and look. Photo: Popsugar

Think about your wedding as a package deal.  The dress should not be too overwhelming.

Let your dress be a statement, while still fitting into your surrounding colour scheme, decor and venue.

4. Work your body shape

Embrace your body shape and make the dress work for you. Photo:

A good fit never goes out of fashion! There is this idea that you need to tailor yourself to a fit – nonsense!

Go for a dress that enhances your body shape and compliments it, rather than giving yourself a hard time to fit into “that” dress. The biggest complement is when someone says “that dress is so you”.

5. Timing is key

If you are going to have your dress made, remember to think about the time frame.

Making a dress from scratch will take four to five months, including fittings in between. Meet with your chosen designer asap and start chatting about your dress to get onto the right track so long.

6. Your body is your palette

There are many shades of white, beige and blush so go for the one that suits your skin tone best.
Photo: bhldn

The dress is not the place to make statements with colour, unless you are Gwen Stefani and can pull off a bright pink tulle dress.

To add something different to your dress go for a cool, geometric lace rather than a colour.

The most flattering colour is winter white. If you want to add touches of blush or beige you can, but think of your body as a your palette and go with what suits your skin tone.


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