Stylish wedding cake trends for 2017

Traditional three tiered cake, cupcakes, cake pops, donuts or even cheese – there are endless options for your perfect wedding cake.

To make the decision a little easier, we have asked three Dolphin Coast cake specialists about the latest cake trends and have got some tips about which trends suit which weddings.

Aida Gengan from Ballito’s Fat Rabbit Bakery said the biggest trend in cake design at the moment is the brushstroke cake.

“This trend has taken Pinterest by storm and I personally cannot get enough of it!

“Bold splashes of brightly coloured chocolate brushstrokes against a subtly coloured buttercream. Stunning!

“If you want to make a statement at your wedding then these cakes will definitely do that.

The brushstroke cake is sure to be a talking point at your wedding.
Photo: PureWow

For a more subtle cake, the traditional White on White cake is the way to go.

“White cake covered in white fondant with simple filigree, elaborate edible lace or covered from top to bottom in edible dragées and pearls makes for a classic, timeless and beautiful cake no matter what your theme or colour scheme is. I am partial to soft muted tones like subtle pinks, peach and taupe.”

For a more feminine, delicate look, add some edible lace and soft flowers to the white on white cake. Photo: Cake Central

She said three 2016 trends are still popular this year being the romantic buttercream rose cakes, ultra modern geode-inspired cake (a three tiered cake made by cutting out a groove and filling it with sugar crystals in graduating colours, finished with beautiful edible gold leaf) as well as the naked or semi-naked cake.

“Dressed up with fresh flowers for a spring wedding or stone fruit like cherries and peach halves for autumn, the naked or semi-naked cake is just out-of-this-world beautiful.”

For the more rustic chic garden or country weddings, the Woodland themed cakes are ideal.

“The birch wood effect with the couple’s initials carved into the fondant is one of my favourites.”

Play around with the birch wood style cake by adding some flowers to give it a more feminine touch or just some sprigs of lavender for a sleek look.
Photo: Wide Open Country

If you want to break away from the traditional cake idea, wedding cupcakes are the trend for you.

“Opt for something a little more practical with cupcakes and go wild with designs and decorations.

“No longer are they your humble after-school treat but little works of art.”

Lee McDonough from The Cake Specialist agreed with Aida that individual servings such as cupcakes are very popular.

“I would recommend it, as it is easier for the bride and the venue in terms of serving.

“Donuts are also quite popular and I have even had a few cheese requests.

“There are a host of ways to include wedding colours and decor to suit your wedding theme, ” said Lee.

She said those brides who go for a cake often stick to traditional looking cakes, but choose a variety of different sponge flavours for the inside.

“Natural flavours such as pistachio and carrot, elderflower or litchi and stem ginger are popular at the moment.”


Lee’s favourite cake trend is adding chocolate decorations to the cake.

“I love the sleek look chocolate collars or lacy collars create, especially when decorated with beautiful fresh flowers to complement the wedding reception.”

Devi Nair from the Stanger Manor based EIP Academy of Cake Decorating and Confectionary Arts said they are seeing a big trend in brides wanting their cakes to match the design of their gown and design details of their wedding invitation.

“As with clothing, cakes are inspired by trends. Younger people often go for cupcakes or the naked cake trend.

“Personally I love themed cakes, cakes with flowers, lace drapes a bit of the old school piping designs and lots of bling for that wow factor.

“I love an elegant and sophisticated looking cake that portrays the personalities of the bride and groom.

“It has to be admired and bring joy to people – it is after all a work of art, not just a cake.”



Elana Geist

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