Panga attack on young family in Sheffied Beach

An artist's impression the upmarket Loxley Estate in Sheffield Beach.

A couple were brutally beaten up and robbed when their house in Loxley Estate, Sheffield Beach, was burgled in the early hours of Saturday, December 31.

Craig and Lauren Glutz and their nine-month-old baby, who had moved into the estate only the week before, were woken to the sight of five men armed with pangas, knives and screwdivers surrounding their bed.

Lauren’s mother, Catherine Rattray, said the couple had been bound with cable ties before being beaten up.

“Loxley Estate is supposed to be a safe estate with 24-hour security.

My daughter was hit six times with the flat side of a panga as she tried to crawl to her baby’s room.

The beating caused severe bruising and haematoma.

“My son-in-law had his wrist and finger sliced as he tried to fend off an attack with a knife. He spent several hours in surgery having the nerves and tendons reattached.”

Rattray said the couple were staying with her as they were traumatized and could not return home.

“The robbers took everything.

“My daughter is a professional photographer and she had every bit of her equipment taken, including all her hard drives containing images of three weddings.

“She begged the men not to take the hard drives.

“Now the couples whose wedding she photographed will not have any photos.

“She is distraught about this.”

Rattray said her daughter’s neigbours told her that they had been robbed the night before.

“They also said some holidaymakers had been held at knife-point a few houses away.”

They are offering a substantial reward for the equipment.

Contact David Rattray at 083 450 1877.

Loxley Estate developers declined to comment.


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