Blythedale beach parties still not cutting it

Party-goers found passed out on the side of the road in Blythedale on December 2.

Although the parties at Blythedale beach saw some improvement over the festive season – residents were not completely satisfied.

After non-stop partying and a death on the beach during the Day of Reconciliation on December 16 last year, KwaDukuza mayor Ricardo Mthembu vowed that there would be more police and a ban on partying after sunset over the Christmas and New Year weekends as well as the Blythedale Beach festival – an event dreaded by residents.

Mthembu also admitted that the Blythedale Beach was not suitable to host the beach festival and that he planned to move the event to Nonoti Beach this year.

However, the Blythedale resident’s association spokesperson who asked to not be named, said that although the beach festival was better controlled and the crowds were not as bad as the residents expected, New Year’s Day played out a scene very similar to the Day of Reconciliation.

“KDM and the police kept the crowd controlled during the beach festival and there were not as many people as we thought there would be.

“There were designated parking areas and the partying did not go on through the night.

“New Year’s Day, however, was very bad.

“The parties continued until the next day, people could be seen lying on the side of the roads and the police and KDM failed to control the crowd.

“The mayor has finally acknowledged that Blythedale is not a suitable venue.

“We trust the he will keep to his word and seek and an alternative venue for 2017 onwards,” he said.


Westbrook and Thompson’s Bay


Another beach that is badly abused during the festive season is Westbrook Beach.

In 2015 the beach was covered with alcohol bottles, plastic, food containers and other rubbish strewn around the parking lots after parties at the beach.

DA eThekweni Ward 58 councillor Geoff Pullen said that although Westbrook beach was busy, the crowd was controlled and behaved better than in previous years.

“The worst time had to have been around the beginning of December when a group of school leavers from Durban North came to Westbrook Beach to have a party.

“They littered the place and there were broken glass bottles everywhere.

“The metro police and I have been working very closely to ensure that the festive season ran smoothly and it did.

“Westbrook Beach was very busy and the parking was a challenge as the beach only has 118 bays.

“The police monitored how many cars were going in and advised people to park on the side of the roads as well as Casuarina Beach.

“Cars were also searched for weapons and alcohol.

“When you limit alcohol, you immediately notice that the problems decrease.”

Thompson’s Bay Beach in Ballito was also left strewn with rubbish after the New Year’s Day celebrations.

The mess left at Thompson's Bay on New Year's Day.

The mess left at Thompson’s Bay on New Year’s Day.

Thompsons Bay beach after a busy New Year's Day.

Thompsons Bay beach after a busy New Year’s Day.


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