Making a difference in Tongaat pupils lives

Nomalanga Langa receiving an award from his math tutor Ravindra Badul.

Protec has been a force for good in the lives of many young people.

Testament to this is Nkosikhona Gumede, studying computer engineering at the University of KwaZulu-Natal after Protec gave him the skills to follow his dream.

Protec is a maths, science and technology career development and enrichment programme that prepares pupils with the interest and ability for successful entry into science, engineering and technological careers.

Speaking at the Protec awards held at Tongaat Secondary Hall last Wednesday, Gumede said, “In my school, there was no higher-grade teacher for maths, but by attending Protec I was able to pass with a B symbol. There was a huge difference between me and other pupils who did not attend Protec. If I did not attend Protec I don’t know how my life would have turned out.”

He encouraged pupils to be sure about what they want to do with their lives and work hard to achieving their goals.

Nomalanga Langa was crowned the top overall winner in grade 10. Langa won the good improvement award in physics, a top pupil in maths and diligence and good work in English.

Nondumiso Shandu was the top overall winner in grade 11. She won the diligence and consistence good work award in English, excellent and top pupil in physics and she was the top pupil in Maths.

The top overall winner for grade 12 was Sinethemba Dlamini. Dlamini won the excellent awards in maths and English. She also won the excellent and top pupil in Physics.

Branch manager Marion Takis thanked all the stakeholders, especially the donors, for their support which has enabled Protec Tongaat to not only survive the past 25 years but also grow, extend and enrich their programmes.

“We hope that today you can feel how deeply grateful the pupils are for being given the opportunity to attend Protec. Thanks to you for the support, our pupils are given hope and the promise of a better future,” said Takis.

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Sboniso Dlamini

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