Summer bodies are made in winter

Join the body transformation 12-week challenge with 3-in-1 Liposlim.

Bikini weather is beckoning as summer fast approaches and this time there is no reason to hide in your closet.

Sign up for the 3-in-1 Liposlim 12 week challenge and experience a body transformation like nothing you have experienced before.

Owner of the 3-in-1 Liposlim branch at The Well, Brenwin Henman the treatments are popular because they offer an “easy, feminine way to lose weight”.

They follow a three step slimming philosophy.

“The steps include a detailed body analysis, body sculpting (via laser therapy, fir sauna dome and faradic therapy) and home care. Our high-tech InBody scanner measures fat, muscle and water throughout the body. Using the information, we create the ideal package to ensure the best possible slimming result for you and are able to accurately monitor your progress throughout your package,” said Brenwin, who has years of experience in the beauty industry.

She said the Liposlim laser is a “cold laser”, meaning it is a non-invasive, comfortable procedure with no side effects.

“We use a number of pads on the specified areas for targeted weight loss. The laser penetrates up to seven centimetres into the fatty layers, breaking down the membrane of the fat cell. The fat is liquefied and dispersed it into the blood stream and then flushed out via the lymphatic system. You can lose up to 425 calories in a 30 minute session.”

“After this procedures, you go into our special Fir sauna dome, which uses infrared deep heat technology. The dome is heated to up to 70 degrees. Through intense sweating, toxins are released and sweated out. Your metabolism is speeded up and up to 600 calories can be burnt in a 30 minute session.”

“We provide ongoing support throughout the package, to ensure our clients stay motivated.”

Packages are compiled to best suit a client’s needs and other “add on treatments” such as lymph drainage massage and home care products are available for optimum slimming success.

“The best part is that you can relax while losing weight and centimeters. Now is the time to lose that cellulite and feel fabulous in your body again.”

The challenge includes 36 x Lipo laser sessions, 36 Fir Sauna Sessions, 12 Inbody Scans and three All in One Liposculpt bags filled with home care products. The total package is valued at R17, 800, and for this challenge only is only R8000 (I payment can be done in two installments, one prior to starting and the balance at the halfway mark).

Fabulous prizes are up for grabs, including a hair makeover with WOW Studios, a half day ‘walk in, float out’ package at the Laura Channing Spa & Skin in Dunkirk Estate, an outfit from Lula Boutique at the Ballito Junction.

Entries close August 31 and the winner will be announced in December.

The winner will be determined on weight loss, centimeter loss and loss of body fat.

Visit their Facebook page (3 in 1 LipoSlim Ballito) or contact Brenwin on 071 365 2478 or 032 946 2324 for more exciting details.

 If you would like Brenwin to contact you personally then fill in the form below (no obligation):

This challenge has closed.

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