A cup of happiness for Mother’s Day

Mothers enjoyed catching up as tea was being prepared for them at Westbrook Methodist Church.

The men of Westbrook Methodist church brought a smile to the faces of the parish’s many women as they celebrated Mother’s Day by having tea catered for them.

The church, which is situated in the Westbrook retirement village welcomes approximately 70 people every Sunday for a morning service.

Tea is normally offered after the service and the women willingly take on the duty of preparation.

This Sunday the men got to work immediately after the service allowing the ladies time to catch up.

A special service was held by Pastor Patsy Williams where she emphasised that “Mothers are the glue in every household.”

A part of the Mother’s Day celebrations was dedicated to placing flowers on a cross in remembrance of mothers who are no longer with us but hold a special place in our hearts. It was an emotional time for many, but mothers and grandmothers appreciated the kind words and the tea, proving that all it takes are simple gestures to warm a mother’s heart.

Erica Abrahams

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