Cars wrecked in alleged domestic dispute

A husband smashed into the back of his wife's car during what was reportedly a domestic dispute. Photo: IPSS Medical Rescue

Residents of a complex on Simbithi Drive, Ballito were privy to dramatic late-night action when what was believed to have been a domestic dispute ended in two wrecked cars and a badly bent gate at around midnight on Saturday night, January 30.

The wife was reportedly out late and her husband went looking for her, suspecting that she may have been having an affair.

“The husband found his wife at the suspected lover’s place at Sun and Surf, which is where the drama reached its climax,” said Paul Herbst from IPSS Medical Rescue.

He claimed the wife and her alleged boyfriend tried to make a getaway in her Mini Cooper and sped towards the complex gate.

The man was driving a Toyota 86 sports car.

The man was driving a Toyota 86 sports car.


“Unfortunately the gate did not open quickly enough and the husband smashed his Toyota 86 sports car into the back of his wife’s car, hard enough for the Toyota’s driver side airbag to deploy.”

The wife and alleged boyfriend reportedly then ran away together, leaving behind the husband who was treated for minor whiplash.


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