Four dead after truck loses control

A rope system was set up to retrieve the bodies of the victims from the vehicle. Photo: IPSS Medical Rescue

At around 7pm last night, four people were killed after a truck lost control on the P100 main road to Ndwedwe, in Ilembe.

According to paramedic Paul Herbst from IPSS Medical Rescue, the truck rolled down an embankment for about 80 metres before it came to a stop.

“Some of the passengers jumped out of the vehicle as it was rolling, but four of the occupants sustained fatal injuries as the truck rolled over them,” said Herbst.

IPSS, along with SAPS Search and Rescue and Tongaat Fire Department, set up an advanced rope recovery system to retrieve the bodies from underneath the wreckage.

Robert McKenzie from Emergency Medical Rescue Services (EMRS) confirmed this and said that the remaining three passengers in the vehicle survived the crash.

“The three surviving occupants sustained minor to moderate injuries and were transported to hospital for further treatment by IPSS,” said McKenzie.


Graham Barclay

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