Calls to donate blood for Salt Rock mom sparks local outpouring

In true Ubuntu spirit typical on the Dolphin Coast, hundreds of people flocked to the Ballito library this week to donate blood for a Salt Rock mother critically injured in a car accident on Saturday.

The tragic accident near the Sibaya Precinct left one man dead and Salt Rock resident Kerry Hardy in a critical condition and in desperate need of donor blood.

Hardy was rushed to hospital, with allegedly only two bags of blood available to her in the whole of KZN.

Kerry Hardy was involved in a tragic accident at the weekend. Photo: Facebook.

“She sustained polytrauma and is critical but stable,” said Netcare 911 spokesperson Shawn Herbst.

Polytrauma is when a person has many body injuries and organ damage.

The wife and mother of two boys, Josh (9) and Cooper (7), was rushed to Umhlanga Hospital. Her husband, Dave, who works abroad in Uganda, flew home on Sunday to be with his family.

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When she arrived at the hospital, there were apparently only two bags of donor blood available to her. Hardy’s blood type is O negative, one of the rarest, with supply being scarcer than any other type.

People with O negative blood are universal donors, however they can only receive blood of the same type.

News of the accident quickly spread across the Dolphin Coast community with messages flooding social media calling for O negative donations.

People from as far as Newcastle and Johannesburg were willing to donate after reading the article on the Courier website which reached more than 35 000 people on Facebook.

Taryn Francis donating blood for her close friend, Kerry, assisted by Bonginkosi Ntuli from SANBS.

Although many were ready to donate immediately, the donation process is complex and cannot be done directly at the hospital, but only at a South African National Blood Service (SANBS) branch or blood drive.

The blood drive at the Ballito Library, which is held on the second Tuesday of every month, gave those willing to help the opportunity in a quick, painless and life-changing way. This particular drive normally receives an average of 50 donors, however this week the line was out of the door, with a staggering total of 104 people who donated.

“My wife and I were strolling along the beach for our anniversary, when we noticed all the cars outside the library,” said local resident Nel Sewraj, who donated blood with his wife, Annet.

“We remembered that the blood clinic was being held, which is usually very quiet. We have been coming here for over seven years and this is the busiest we have seen it.”

The team from Accredo Financial Solutions playing their part in helping Kerry and those in desperate need of donor blood. Vanessa Johnson-Erasmus, Anthea Wilkins and Thertia Blundell.

Taryn Francis, one of Hardy’s close friends who was with her the night before the accident, said, “Kerry is one of the most inspirational, positive, motivational people we know. She has a strong, determined spirit and we believe she will come through this with a full recovery.

“Please join us all in praying for Kerry at 8am and 8pm (and more) every day. You can also send her “high fives and good vibes” at these times of the day. The collective power of this positivity will go a long way in helping Kerry’s recovery.”

Another close friend of hers, who asked to remain anonymous, thanked the community for rallying to donate blood, as it has been a huge help.

“The family is dealing with a lot of grief at the moment. They are very fragile and we ask that you respective their privacy while they are going through this hard time, although prayers and thoughts are very welcome.”

To donate visit your nearest SANBS branch, or visit their website for more details.

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