Letters: Swift response to emergency

On December 27, my grandson swallowed a 50c coin. I came running to my boss, Mr Roberts of Roberts & Chaplin. He said call IPSS paramedics. They came in a twinkle of an eye and examined the baby. They took us straight to Stanger Hospital. If we had called the public ambulance, they would take…

Letters: Always willing to help

We had a poacher destroying the fish and bird life on the lake in front of the Pondokkie. The man was stringing gill nets right across the lake and catching not only all the fish, but also the cormorants etc that nest on the little island. For a year, we phoned the police and various…

Letters: Childish response to complaint

I found your attempt at humour in your response (‘Panga attack’ was irresponsible reporting, The Courier, January 13) quite childish, which may account for the immature manner in which you reported on this very serious incident. As I clearly stated in my letter “I am not suggesting that incidents like this should not be reported…

Letters: Kind couple who rescued us!

Big thanks to the young couple from Ballito, Sunita and Mark, who found our car keys on the promenade on Sunday morning. It was a beautiful morning and we had been on a walk on the promenade, towards the end of which my husband discovered that he no longer had the car keys. They had…

Letters: Another thank you for great service

I would like to thank all the officials and the public who made the 2016/17 Christmas holiday season such a success at the various beaches in Ward 58. Lifeguards, Metro Police, SAPS, Scholar Patrol, DSW, Parks Dept., Emergency services, private security and others kept eMdloti, La Mercy, Genazzano, Casuarina and Westbrook beaches clean and controlled….

Letters: ‘Panga Attack’ was irresponsible reporting

I felt I should voice my opinion on your front page story regarding the Loxley Estate incident (Panga attack on young family, Courier January 6). I do not believe that your paper has been responsible with this story for a number of reasons. You have dramatized this incident in an extreme manner, which will have…
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Letters: Thank you to unsung heroes

The residents and ratepayers of Zinkwazi Beach wish to sincerely thank the law enforcement agencies, KwaDukuza Community Safety (traffic), the South African Police Services and Alpha Security for the excellent services rendered by their officers in Zinkwazi over the New Year period, January 1 and 2 2017. All vehicles entering the village were stopped and…

Letters: Couple attacked, equipment stolen

My daughter and son in law experienced a house robbery in their new home in the Loxley Estate at Sheffield Beach. They were woken by five men armed with pangas, knives and screwdrivers surrounding their bed at 1am on Saturday. They were bound with cable ties and subjected to beatings – my daughter suffered six…
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Letters: Great response to appeal for help

Following my letter to The Courier recently, I would like to thank Ms Terensia of the Department of Environment, Mr Busani of the Department of Agriculture and Thembi of Kwadakuza Waste Management for promptly answering the call for help at Shakas Head. Thank you for coming into the community to share knowledge, to raise awareness,…

Letter: Amazing help when I was in need

I moved into an apartment in Rivington Place, Ballito on November 1 and I was welcomed to the neighbourhood when I woke up the next morning only to find that my house had been broken into, most of my belongings and my car had been stolen. My children are out of the country and I…