Angling Report – 20 January 2017

North easterly winds pumped for much of last week and these create very bumpy sea conditions and the surf becomes unpredictable and mushy. At this time of the year most of the fishing action is out at sea where the offshore anglers target the various species of game fish, so these are not the conditions…
Beira Alta's free range chicken and chips

Restaurant Review: Beira Alta

Beira Alta has always been up there when it comes to restaurants on the Dolphin Coast

Angling Report – 6 January 2017

The festive season is over for another year and on talking to some of the holiday makers I got the impression that they really enjoyed themselves at the coast. There was a bit of everything – some good hot and humid weather, some not so good weather, which actually helped to cool the air down…

Two Bits – 6 January 2017

Satisfaction in a job well done First day back at school in the new year, our English teacher would always get us to write an essay titled “What I did in the holidays”. It was always a soft start to the year. The teacher probably hadn’t prepared a lesson anyway. Or maybe it gave him/her…

Two Bits – A truly wonderful performance

I’ll confess something here: I was so impressed and happy for the cast at the quality of the show, their singing especially, that I found myself wiping away a tear or two.

Angling Report – 23 December 2016

There was a windy beginning to last week with a fresh to strong north easterly wind on Monday, then a fresh southerly on Tuesday. The sea and weather conditions were perfect on Wednesday and Thursday, however, and holiday makers really saw the best of the Dolphin Coast. The weather changed again at the beginning of…

Two Bits – 16 December 2016

At least the Boks didn’t  play Georgia! The past year has been notable for political earthquakes that shook the foundations of accepted thinking and will have far-reaching consequences for years to come. With an economy still struggling to recover from the fallout of 2008 and the longest downturn since the Great Depression, the totally unexpected…

Angling Report – 16 December 2016

For much of last week the wind was blowing long before first light but surprisingly, there was hardly any surf. Surfers looking for a wave had no chance but it was a surf ski angler’s dream launch for most of the week. Rain was promised for much of the week but only arrived at the…