INFOGRAPHIC: This is how the driver demerit system will work

The Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences (Aarto) amendment bill was passed in the National Assembly last week Tuesday.

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The bill aims to discourage law breakers on the roads and make it easier to penalise and prosecute infringements.

  • When the Aarto bill is applied, every driver will start on 0 points – with a maximum of 12. Meaning that you will be allowed to drive until you have 12 points against your name, every point above and beyond that 12 will result in a three month suspension of your license.
  • As far as reducing your points, every three months you are on the road without breaking a law will result in a one point reduction.
  • Your license will be cancelled if you are suspended three times.
  • If you are caught behind the wheel of a vehicle after being suspended you will be liable to a fine, imprisonment – or both.

These are the fines you could expect to pay:

Infographic: Bosveld Review.

Multiple infringements
If you have committed two or more infringements arising from the same incident, demerit points are recorded only in relation to one such infringement or offence to which the greatest number of demerit points applies.

Learner’s licence
If you have a learner’s licence at the time of the infringement, your demerit points will only start to reduce when your licence is issued.

Unlicenced drivers
If you are an unlicenced driver, you receive no discount and your demerit points will only start to reduce when your licence is issued.

If you are caught for the third time as an unlicenced driver you will be arrested.

A juristic person (company / close corporation) who is not an operator receives no demerit points, but pays three times the penalty amount. Proxies cannot get demerit points on behalf of a company.

Court cases
If you elect to go to court under AARTO demerit points are only recorded when you are found guilty.

If you appeal against a conviction by the court for an offence no demerit points are recorded unless of course the appeal is rejected or abandoned.

Nothing prevents you from approaching a court to appeal or review the total amount of demerit points recorded against your name.


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